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Editor’s word: Our regular author Andris Saulitis is a qualified practicing psychiatrist with more than 25 years of experience. His article about Putin is not an essay on political science, but an analysis of the personality of the president of the country that has an impact on the rest of the world. It is an opening article of the series of psychological portraits of internationally acclaimed big scale figures. This thesis is not for an easy fiction, but for a proper contemplation. Enjoy Your reading!


Putin needs no introduction as he is well known to everyone across the globe as a president, a former prime minister, a political leader, a sportsman, an extreme leisure activities and fishing lover etc. We will examine his personality from a completely different angle as an archetype, a historical figure, a product of time, or, in more simple terms, a nature’s phenomenon.


Is he special? I will say he is definitely not alone in this world. In Russia, there is at least a dozen personalities of that kind. But the fate has chosen Putin, because out of those ten people he was the most active, appeared in the right place at the right time and ideally fit in the historical combination.


Putin did not choose neither the social status of the family in which he was to be born, nor the place of birth, nor his genome. His personal traits were formed by the environment he was in, mainly the KGB school – an organisation of the power elite. And it polished him as the sea polishes the stone. KGB gave Putin guts to mould the right archetype out of him, in other words made a diamond out of a rock. Therefore Putin does not have a single personal “Putin’s thought”. He is entirely the product of the exact time and environment. This is called actualization.


Let me make a small digression now and show You very interesting historical parallels with the help of macroevolution. We all have studied ancient history at school, and it is common knowledge that the destruction of Carthage had led Rome to a civil war. Having conquered the whole known world at that time and reached the zenith of their power, the Romans, without realizing it, changed the drawing of the fractal: one ended and a new one immediately began, which at the height of the ascent, had turned their civilization to a decline. Any culture is born, reaches its maximum and vanishes. This is the law of macroevolution. If You get a chance to be in Louvre and study all its expositions in one day, You will get an idea of cyclical development of the humankind very clearly.

Gaius Julius Caesar (statue in the Berlin Museum). The external resemblance to Putin is obvious.

Let’s return now to the historical intricacy. In the modern world, the role of “Carthage” is assigned to China – Russia tandem, and “Rome” – to the United States. The most serious problem that all of us are facing nowadays is the confrontation of these super powerful countries. You can easily draw a parallel with what was said in the previous paragraph, but this is not just an analogy but the harsh reality: “having devoured Carthage,” America will launch the process of macroevolution and ruin itself. There is also a more prosaic explanation to it: by eliminating the self created outer enemy, the Americans will lose the idea that unites them, and turn against each other.


Let’s get back to “Carthage“ again. After the death of Chingiz Khan, China turned to its own unique way of evolution, while the enormous power of the passionary orange revolution moved to Moscow and proved to be absolutely incompatible with the European energy. They simply repelled each other. And Putin, as a phenomenon, instinctively continues to flow in this “Chingizit” stream – the weakening power of the great Mongolian khan. He is trying to revive the spirit of the empire. Remember his famous Munich speech, in which he recognizes the collapse of the Soviet Union as the most tragic event of the modern history.


After the Second World War and until the 60s of the XXth century, PRC was under the USSR influence. Modern Russia has become to some extent China’s satellite and nature’s resources’ appendage. The disposition has changed, and Putin understands it very well. He also knows that he is untouchable, that is he cannot be defeated. Hence his confident behaviour: being fearless and invincible he even makes fun of his opponents and enemies.


If you still have doubts that Putin is untouchable, look at North Korea. This country is a paradox. You need less than a day to destroy it with the modern level of weapons’ technology, but it’s still there safe and sound. The reason for that is China that does not allow anyone to interfere in its neighbour’s internal and external affairs. We think North Korea, we mean – PRC. And China will not let anyone also mess up with Russia and its leader.


At this present moment Putin embodies the absolute power of his country. He is aware of it and knows how to interact with this force. And the masses feel the vibrations of energy that emanate from Putin and enjoy it.


People really have adoration for him, they want to worship him, draw icons with his image, kiss his hands etc. This is Russia and its leader’ s archetype, “nation’ s true blood.” But I would like to emphasize again that if there wasn’t this particular person, there would be another one exactly the same “Putin”.


He perceives his mission as a service, as an honor, as a sacrifice. It brings him a sense of joy and voluptuousness when his orders are executed. If Putin gives someone an assignment, he shows the person his benevolence, and brings him or her closer to himself. He just does not understand how people cannot implement his tasks. There is no such option in his mindset at all.


Putin’s hedonism manifests itself in his love for status things, which he “savors”. It is important for him to be surrounded with everything “royal“ and not “boyar“! His mentality is the following: “I’m the commander-in-chief, I have luxury things according to my status, I’m using them honestly, because I can“. Hence the peculiar character of his humour. When Putin was asked why there are bad cars in the Far East of Russia, he replied that they do not have even proper roads there to drive decent cars. But he has both.


But he has no family, Putin is “married“ to Russia. Figuratively speaking, all women of the country belong to him. Sociological surveys show that most of the beautiful half of the country’s population sees the president as a sex symbol, and a lot of women want to have children with him. You can find the reflection of this also in modern Russian folklore, for example, the string from the popular song: “I’ll prove all of you my worth when I give birth to the Putin’s child”.

The Russian leader is strong in spirit, but his physiological sheath is very mediocre. This is his “Achilles’ heel“, that on the subconscious level makes him vulnerable. This is Putin’s internal conflict.


Since he adores the power and force, he instinctively feels a kinship with all modern leaders. Putin understands and respects them, but which turn the relationship with his “fellow archetype buddies” – the world power elite – will take in the future – impossible to predict. Only the time will tell.


Summing up all that is said above, I would emphasize that Putin is the part of the Universal plan, the part of the fractal. As nature that doesn’t need our appreciation, as it’s just accepted as it is, Putin also must be recognized not as a particular person, but as a part of the natural course of history as, for example, Chingiz Khan, Churchill, Caesar etc. Therefore, there is no sense in fighting with Putin at all. And for mentally healthy people, this attitude is preferable by default, as there is nothing to compare, because we know that we don’t know the whole big Universal game in all its “integrity.”

Photos used in the article are taken from the open Internet sources