As the French say: in every story “cherchez la femme” – look for a woman. The idea of making an interview with Jan was offered to me by his beautiful girlfriend – Jelena. Mr Wellmann is a health coach and founder of “ENERGY FOR LIVING”, a company that is focused on helping people reach their peak potential with unique healing protocols like frequency medicine, a natural approach that is as old as music, and other methods addressing  human energy fundamentals.

In addition to his energy work he also enjoys traveling and filming documentaries. One of these voyages led him to a Haitian cave with a secret Voodoo ceremony.  The experience left him with an infection that Western medicine was unable to cure. But the curse of the sorcerers became a blessing for Jan. The disease led him to search for completely unconventional methods of fighting for life and in the end for permanent health. I was very curious to know more about the methods that he has discovered.

Our meeting took place in the enchanting retreat center in Latgale. Before the interview, I thoroughly studied Jan’s website and profiles in social networks, but in life everything was even more impressive.

I was welcomed by a smiling athletic man with deep, inquisitive eyes. He made black coffee and to my great surprise put in the cup a large spoonful of ghee. “I will explain the ghee later,” he said. “Do you want me to run a diagnostic on you so you can experience what I’m talking about?” Of course, I could not say no, and it was from that moment on that I started a completely new life on a completely different energy level.

I deliberately publish Jan’s interview in the form of a monologue. I did not want to interrupt his flow with any questions. Listening to one of the smartest humans I know was like being under hypnosis of his intellect.

So, please sit comfortably. The reading will take some time of your life, but the information you get and the recommendations that you will follow from day to day will reimburse you for the minutes you spent – to gain  valuable insights into energy, health and longevity.




The technology and ideology behind frequency medicine, aka information medicine, goes back to the origin of music and its use in the healing traditions of early ritualistic tribes, even in the first recorded human language, sanskrit. Discovery of electricity in the 19th century enabled the first machines to use electric currents for healing applications.

Those early machines used only a few frequencies on the human body but often with great success. The pioneers mapped out frequencies that different body organs, bone structures, micro-organisms and biochemical functions responded to. Every part in the body had a specific signature frequency, they discovered, which can be influenced. For example, 40 Hertz would often work to calm down inflammation in a specific area, 10 Hertz worked for the spine, so if you put those two together you could address pain in the spine.


I use a frequency medicine technology called Vitalfeld (German for “vital field”), simply because it has the widest and most proven application areas. After a 30-year development phase, Vitalfeld has an ability to measure over 200 million frequencies in the human body in less than 12 minutes, to pinpoint any areas that are energetically out of balance, and then to address these areas with therapeutic efficiency.

Today, we know exactly what frequencies each organ, each neuron, each virus, each bacterial species, all the different minerals, vitamins and enzymes in our body represent. We can see whether they are communicating with each other effectively, which is measured by resonance. We know with certainty that a  healthy body doesn’t need external support to heal, if it has enough energy and the means to communicate. Staying healthy therefore boils down to energy and resonance management.

The concept of resonance is key, and luckily we’re naturally tuned into it. The human ear can sense when a single note is off in a big symphony orchestra. Now imagine 100 trillion musicians attempting to keep the symphony in perfect coordination, while responding to constant external and internal changes. That’s how the human body works. This type of coordination requires a much faster communication system than chemicals and nerve signals (the biochemical reality of modern medicine) could produce. Only electromagnetic fields, which work at lightspeed, can explain the miracle of the human orchestra.

By measuring electromagnetic fields, we can therefore track root causative factors of chronic disease, long before they become symptoms. This is what we are doing. We are listening to the body’s orchestra playing and then nudging some musicians to get back into the tune again, so that the body can heal itself.

But technology alone is not the answer when we’re dealing with health issues that mostly originate in lifestyle. For example, measuring a client who is smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol and eating a lot of processed foods and sugar will typically register a lot of inflammation in the body.  Frequency medicine can address some of the chronic issues, but if the client doesn’t change lifestyle, his nutrition and often stress levels, the body will revert back to the original problem. When we help the body to communicate efficiently and feed it the energy it needs, it becomes self-sufficient. No drugs or miracles required.


There is a fundamental rupture in the system when it comes to medicine and health. Modern medicine is highly advanced when it comes to emergencies, injuries, surgeries, et cetera. They can basically replace your head nowadays. But the solutions they offer for chronic disease, lack of energy, depression and overall decrepitation are pretty much the (patented) pill or drug, that address symptoms like pain. The disease, meanwhile, keeps getting worse.


The reason I was interested in this particular technology is that it targets the root cause of the problem. When I began my own research 10 years ago I realized that both modern and alternative doctors were selling me solutions, supplements and drugs to address symptoms. I had serious, slowly worsening health issues, including chronic infections that were getting more dangerous over time, so I literally had to  figure this out for myself, or retire early. I wanted to know where my symptoms were coming from. Why do I have to check into a hospital with an infection that is giving me 72 hours to live? Why are the doctors giving me antibiotics without looking at the source of this infection? How do I make sure that I’m not going to have the same bacteria coming back for me later on? So I decided to learn a bit about bacteria.

A human body has about one hundred trillion different microorganisms and only 10% of these are human cells. The rest are bacteria which manufacture the chemicals that run our immune system, brain and hormonal system. Yet we have this underlying belief system that bacteria are the enemy. Ever since we first discovered bacteria under a magnifying glass we’ve been obsessed about nuking them somehow, and still we are doing it. Antibiotics are everywhere, from prescription drugs to the foods we eat, even in our soaps and consumer care products. So are antiseptics and pesticides. Together they have waged war on gut bacteria, to the point that it’s become a major underlying health problem today.

Real health is driven by a thriving and diverse community of microorganisms, something we can support not just with proper nutrition and lifestyle, but also with targeted electromagnetic treatments.

The gut is the center of our energy base. We can call it our second brain – the gut brain. When we sleep, the gut brain and our official brain communicate and decide what’s out of order and what needs to get fixed. When we don’t sleep properly this capacity is hindered. It’s also hindered when we eat too late in the evening. The gut has to digest food instead of communicating with the brain. When we attack the bacterial community with antibiotics, we undermine more than just our health. If you look at children who have taken antibiotics a lot they often have mood changes that some doctors then classify as ADD (attention deficit disorder) and medicate with amphetamine based drugs. It’s pure insanity. The reality is that very often the children are agitated because they are eating sugar and processed foods that upset the gut, to begin with. When they get sick they get more antibiotics which worsens the situation further. One of my early goals was to get out of this vicious cycle.



I had to learn the healing trade in baby steps, and at first I was confused with the amount of disinformation and alternative options out there. Most of the medical data is deeply misleading and profit driven. So I used myself as a guinea pig in this process and tried pretty much every discipline out there until I stumbled on the idea of individuality. What most doctors miss today is that we are all highly unique in how we metabolize energy. Therefore, the way we heal with energy like nutrition, is also highly individual. Any solution that aims to heal the human body, has to be able to measure and address our energetic and metabolic individuality. This idea dates back all the way to Hippocrates.

Energy comes into the human body through nutrition, water, air, relationships, nature, and natural and manmade electromagnetic radiation in a way that is absolutely unique for everyone. The energy is used up in an equally individual way. That’s why there is no single diet or protocol that works for more than one person at a time.

The first functional solution that is able to scientifically measure individuality, uses very detailed molecular measurements of all the energy conversion processes in the body. Metabolomic Medicine protocol is the most important, health  transformative protocol we use at Energy For Living today. Any blockades or overloads are pinpointed biochemically, and the data is used to create custom-made nutrition and supplementation plans, that help address even serious chronic issues with a high success rate. It was the first solution that helped me reach a state of permanent health.


A few years later I bounced into Vitalfeld, which is a kind of electromagnetic version of metabolomics, in that it also pinpoints root causes for energy disruptions. I was very skeptical in the beginning. I was looking at some big black boxes with a lot of cables coming out and controlled by a Windows computer. What can this thing do?

Since then I’ve done my research. I visited and interviewed dozens of Vitalfeld experts. There is a community of over 2,800 practitioners in German speaking areas alone, using the technology in hundreds of different health applications. Some of them treat Olympic athletes for injury recovery, for example, often cutting the time to heal a fracture to one third. Others use the technology to improve the skin, gut, or specific organ issues. Autoimmune and other chronic conditions require the bulk of attention in today’s world. The specialists who use frequency medicine to address these type of complaints work mostly by word-of-mouth, simply because there is so much bias against anything that is not fully recognized by the normative medical industry.  But they are very successful in what they are doing. It’s extraordinary. It inspired me to learn this technology.

A 2013 global health study surveyed over 400,000 people in over 30 countries and discovered that 95 % of the respondents had at least one chronic concern within the last twelve months. And over 60 % had more than three. We are the first generation who face a global chronic disease epidemic. It all happened in less than 50 years. We are also looking at the first generation of people who have normalized the concept of being overweight. Today you have to accept your body and be body positive. This is absolute nonsense, because we are all absolutely moldable, in body, cell and spirit.

What happens in a body that is overweight? Metabolic distress is the swan song to chronic disease, if it goes on long enough and combined with other stressors. In a twenty or thirty year cycle  we develop the chronic disease that reflects our individual energetic weakness, and only then do we knock on the doctor’s door.

In metabolomics we track over 5000 metabolites, which are the traces of every single energy conversion process in the body, to understand energy. 95 % of human energy comes from mitochondria that produce cellular energy (ATP) in a process known as Krebs cycle. If this cycle isn’t efficient then we can fix the blockades with individualized nutrition and lifestyle.

With Vitalfeld we can address the blockades directly with electromagnetic fields, but the effect is more immediate and short-term. Together these two solutions can address both the fundamentals and the immediate blockades. This is the main thrust behind Energy for Living.


In America, where the chronic disease epidemic has reached highest levels in the world (eg over 80 million people are estimated to have an autoimmune condition), most of these conditions are considered incurable by modern medicine. Yet when we study the disease energetically, it usually boils down to blockades in the Krebs cycle and the lack of proper nutrients, both factors that are relatively easy to fix.

Krebs cycle is a process that works a bit like the car engine: you turn the key, which runs a current to the spark plug, the spark hits the gas in the cylinder at just the right time to start the engine, et cetera. There are hundreds of steps that must happen for the mitochondria to produce energy efficiently, just as there are the steps required for a car to run smoothly. In the cell every step of the process requires a different type of chemical, nutrient, electron or molecule to nudge the process along. If we’re deficient in any of these inputs, a blockade is born. If there is a block in one step,  the entire energy creation process is compromised. Someone with autoimmune condition, for example, could have several blocks and only 20-30% of their energy capacity yet believe this to be normal. We’ve forgotten what real energy is about.



The root reason for most chronic diseases today are the cumulative stressors that cause blockades via deficiencies and toxins. A critical number of stressors are needed to create blockades in the human engine. Environmental pollution, nutrient-poor foods coming from depleted soil, industrial agriculture, pesticides, toxins, stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of nature and dehydration all cause cumulative wear and tear on cells and mitochondria. We also lead a fairly isolated life even though we live in cities. Many factors of modern life play into our energy predicament. Nutrition especially.

We have a fundamental problem with the modern food supply. First of all sugar became a standard nutrient for us several hundreds years ago. When we started distributing sugar around the planet it became the basis of colonization. Two thirds of the slave trade was attributable to sugar plantations. By the early 20th century sugar industry became so powerful that they could manipulate the standards for healthy nutrition. The Standard American Diet (SAD) for example, which has become the model for us in Europe as well, was significantly influenced by the sugar industry. Yet sugar is basically an anti-nutrient, that is more addictive than opium or crack cocaine.


In the 1980s the sugar industry came up with a another lie, known as low-fat diets. They told us to eliminate fats so that we don’t get fat, and instead increase carbohydrate intake – bread, grains, cheese, sugar. The reality is that we were designed to burn healthy fats, not processed carbs. Carbs make us fat, not fats. After low fat diets has become popular, our biochemical collapse accelerated about 200-300 %.  As a result, today over 40% of people in US are obese, and over 70% are overweight, a statistic that Europe follows only a few steps behind. We are looking at a population where 90% will be sick with multiple chronic conditions in the next 10 years. Half of men and 40% of women will have cancer in their lifetime. 25% of people will have autoimmune conditions, over half will have diabetes. This is not a happy bunch of people who can hope to reach their  potential.

The massive acceleration of neurodegenerative conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s et cetera are also reflections of the same factors. We are looking at people who are unable to think proactively, have lower consciousness levels, are easily manipulated by the powers that are in control, who are taking garbage in both through their mouth and their minds,  with junk food and junk media.


Although nutrition is always individual, there are general guidelines we can follow to fix the basics,  like dramatically lowering the carbohydrate intake. The reason people love pasta and bread because it is wheat. And wheat has double the addictive power of sugar. It goes into the pancreas and secretes insulin at twice the rate as table sugar. One of the biggest common factors in chronic diseases whether it’s a cardiovascular issue, cancer or autoimmune is the constant wear and tear caused by insulin spikes, which is used to reduce excess blood sugar by turning it to fat. Unfortunately, 75% of all packaged foods contain sugar, so we wind up eating sugar even if we try to avoid it.

Many people are first shocked about the nutritional advice I give. So what do I eat then? What is left out there? The fact is that when we switch over from carbs into fats we go back into a way of living that we were designed for over millions of years. We get used to it. We can get our body and mind back in shape by listening to our ancestors. When we were hunters and gatherers we could run for 40 miles to catch a deer. That’s because we were fat burners and not carb junkies. So overall what I usually recommend is to move over from processed carbohydrates especially bread, sugars, wheat products and grains to organic whole foods and healthy fats like coconut, olive, avocados, fish, nuts, seeds… Never to use vegetable oils (trans fats), which are a major health hazard. The more you eat your vegetables raw the faster you detox from modern life. These type of basics.

When you have enough energy you can feel which foods give you more energy and which take your energy away. If a lunch or a dinner make you tired, for example, it’s a sign that you are eating wrong.

There is an endless list of misguided ideas, when it comes to nutrition. The people who decided for ethical or other reasons to go vegetarian in their early childhood or teenage years feel the positive effects of vegetarianism in the early phase: more energy and weight loss. But a vegetarian lifestyle that avoids all animal proteins can manifest as a chronic problem in a 20 to 30 year cycle, simply because so many of us require some source of animal protein to prosper.  I’m not saying not to be vegetarian, but to be tuned into what your individual body really craves. It’s a talent we forgot about in the last century. I also respect the ethical choices considering what they are doing to animals in slaughterhouses, but individual health must come first, for us to control our lives. If you need little bit of clean animal protein, always make sure that the meat is free grazing, organic and grass fed.


Another complete misunderstanding is that we eat too much salt. No, we don’t. We are eating a lot of table salt, which is a Frankensteinian mixture of industrial chemicals. But we are also chronically deficient in minerals that we can get from genuine sea salt and Himalayan salt, for example. So don’t be afraid to use healthy salts.


The coming years are the first in human history when cellular aging can be slowed down and eventually reversed.  By measuring individuality, we can create a life protocol with the necessary support to reverse the damaging effects from aging.

In about 30 years from now the average lifespan of people who know how to take care of themselves is going to be over 120 years. But the gist in longevity is  not about a long life per se, but a life that is filled with energy and potential, however long we choose it to be.

One of the top five fallacies we have relates to aging.  Aging doesn’t correlate with decrepitude or disease  when we live right! Look at indigenous people from the jungles: a 105 year old guy who hunts with a six pack, nimble and alert in the jungle. Healthy mind in a healthy body, happy and still having sex three times a day. This is our potential that we forgot with the Western lifestyle.


Now that we are able to pinpoint energy disruptions both biochemically and electromagnetically, we can opt to reverse the damaging effects of aging step by step. This is why I’m bringing frequency medicine together with metabolomics under Energy For Living. This way we address both the fundamentals and the immediate issues in the body.

I’m inspired by the possibility of transforming human lives one by one. I want to empower people from ground up, to once again think and perform with their natural capacity. My first step is to increase their energy 10-20% with simple methods to help them realize how powerful the change can be. To become inspired enough to go deeper into the process. With enough energy people reach a critical mass where they become self–healing and self-guiding. No need for doctors or healers anymore.


The body is an intelligent being that allocates energy to the different functions based on what is needed. But we have to guide it consciously to reach optimal health. We have to stop thinking that our future is somehow predestined by factors we can’t change, like heritage. But the opposite is true. We can mold our body and mind indefinitely to be the best we can be. And the best is quite a miracle.

If you take a gram of human and a gram of sun and compare them in terms of energy production efficiency, it turns out that humans are 10,000 times more efficient in producing energy than the sun. We shine brighter than the sun, so to speak, when we operate with our full potential. That’s something to look forward to!

Photo courtesy of Jan Wellman